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IEWC Announces Launch Of Global Website Presence

October 14, 2013

Dear Friends of IEWC,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the improved and its newly developed global counterparts. This effort represents over two years of cross-departmental planning and development with the goal of increasing value to our customers, suppliers and employees through improved content and expanded web capabilities.

The identification, creation and implementation of IEWC's new global digital presence has produced more valued content, improved functionality and an enhanced user experience. "Ultimately, we want our customers to have the same satisfying experience online as they do when they work with our sales staff," stated Jeff Sleik, IEWC's Marketing Communications Manager. "It's about giving the customer choices of how they can interact with IEWC, and ensuring that no matter what method they choose, the end-result is a great experience."

IEWC knows that our customers want an easy way to search out and browse IEWC's robust selection of products and services. With this upgrade, IEWC's catalog of "most-popular" materials will now be fully searchable on, and once you've found what you're looking for, requesting a quote is only a few clicks away. It’s that easy.

IEWC stepped up its commitment to digital communications in March of 2012 with the addition of Jeff Sleik as Marketing Communications Manager. Since that time, IEWC has increased its utilization of various digital communication mediums such as social media, video and the improvement of IEWC's digital communications infrastructure.

It is worth noting that this trend towards increased utilization of various communication mediums will continue at IEWC. Phase 2 activities have already begun for the website.  Upcoming functionality currently under consideration includes E-Commerce, SAP integration, CRM integration, live chat and more.

The digital media world continues to grow in commercial importance as new technological advances have the potential of altering how IEWC interfaces with its customers and suppliers. Here at IEWC we continue to monitor these developments. IEWC stakeholders should find comfort in the knowledge that the company is committed to invest in this area for many years to come.

For further information, please contact:

Jeff Sleik
Marketing Communications Manager
(262) 957-1150  

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