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IEWC Announces Partnership with AerosUSA

January 22, 2014

IEWC, Inc. is pleased to announce a new supplier partnership for its Wire Management Products portfolio. IEWC is now an authorized distributor for AerosUSA, Inc. AerosUSA is the exclusive North American operations for Flexa GMbH, the world leading manufacturer of wire and cable protection systems. They offer a wide range of flexible metallic and non-metallic conduit, split tubing, metal and nylon fittings, and strain relief cable glands. They also design and fabricate custom electrical assemblies to customers'; specifications.

AerosUSA offers solutions for multiple industries, including the following:

  • For Industrial Applications, AerosUSA provides solutions to safeguard cables and wires against heat, cold, pressure stress, and other influences
  • For the Mining Industry, AerosUSA's products offer outstanding self-extinguishing characteristics free of cadmium, halogen, phosphorous
  • For public Transit Systems, they provide protection for both the vehicles as well as the infrastructure, above and below the ground
  • For Renewable Energy applications they offer products engineered to meet the demands of this developing industry in accordance with the life expectancy and the minimized maintenance schedules. Combining such properties as impact, abrasion and high UV resistance. The AerosUSA range of products are designed to withstand harsh environments.
  • For Robotics and Automation their products are manufactured to withstand the rigorous requirements of abrasion and mechanical stress for long term motion intensive applications.
  • For Marine and Offshore AerosUSA provides cable protection for crew and passenger compartments, open decks, cargo compartment, masts, movable systems and the engine room.

IEWC is particularly excited to offer AerosUSA's FLEXA Non-Metallic Polyamide Conduit System. The system brings a litany of advantages compared to the competition. It assembles in just seconds without tools compared to a three to five minute assembly time for the competition. It is also available with Y, T and splice connections.

FLEXA will withstand the harshest environments with excellent UV and chemical resistance and a temperature range of -40⁰C to 150⁰C. It is also more impact resistant than steel, while weighing considerably less than metal alternatives. FLEXA is IP-68 and IP-69k compliant and UL rated.

To learn more about the exciting AerosUSA product offering or request a free sample package, contact your sales representative or call 1-800-344-2323. You may also peruse the materials listed below.

AerosUSA Overview - PDF (1.48MB)

Agro Progress® UltraFlat - PDF (1.44MB)

FLEXA Non-Metallic Polyamide Connector System - PDF (1.48MB)

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