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Cable Tie Tools - Manual Cable Tie Tool

EVO 9SP Short Trigger Span Manual Cable Tie Tool

Manual cable tie tools are designed and used for the easy tensioning and cutting of cable ties.

At a glance

  • IEWC Part # 32131454
  • Manufacturer Hellermann Tyton
  • Manufacturer Part # 110-80001
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  • Color
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  • Supplier Series
  • Tensions and provides clean, flush cuts for 50 lb. to 250 lb. cable ties, including wide strap ties.
  • Impact-resistant housing and durable components for extended service life.
  • Easy-to-adjust tension knob offers 33 different settings for precise, repeatable applications.
  • Advanced ergonomic design minimizes necessary hand force and “kickback” to reduce repetitive-motion injuries.

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